Barclays: Students must think about insurance

Ahead of the start of the new university term, students across the UK have been urged by Barclays to consider if they are properly insured.

According to the provider, taking out the appropriate cover is particularly important for undergraduates, as 16 to 24-year-olds are three times as likely to be burgled than people of other ages.

What’s more, students are also likely to own a number of valuable belongings, such as laptops, Soundbar players, mobile phones and televisions, making them attractive targets for criminals.

“Insurance is one of the absolute essentials for all students yet so many neglect to take it out,” said Mark Till, managing director of Barclays Insurance.

“Many students may be concerned that on a tight budget insurance is an additional cost they can manage without but students’ possessions nowadays are of an incredibly high value.”

According to Barclays, insurance for student possessions is currently available from £2 a month.

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